Paid Social

Paid social is an integral component of all the services we offer under social media.

Curate creative content

We have a bunch of creative, talented and exceptional videographers, editors, copywriters, designers and animators who will customize content as per your business and industry

Social Strategy

Our highly ambitious and tech-driven team uses a range of data insights and modern tools to unlock the ultimate capacity of the brand.

A social strategy for every business

At Jasper Micron, we are here to revolutionize your social presence with effective strategies and marketing. We offer an array of affordable social media services that ought to fit any business’s advertising budgets. From grasping more followers to implementing viral campaigns, we are here to take over your digital platforms and give a little oomph to your social presence.



From designing Facebook campaigns to managing customer service, we have enormous experience in driving positive results. Our team of specialists will manage every tiny detail in creating campaigns that will contribute to your wholesome digital marketing plan. From posting, advertising to product integration and developing effective retargeting campaigns, we are here for you!


Instagram visibility has become more of a need than a want. Whilst working with some of the leading businesses and corporations, we have successfully grown several Instagram pages exponentially. Be it any type of industry or business, we have made sure to flourish the page with our attention, creative planning, strategizing and strong engagement with our followers.


YouTube being one of the largest social media channels as well as search engines, this platform is more like the Television of social media. If you have something exciting to share, advertising and marketing on YouTube can be a big hit considering its fantastic visual appeal. Our expert team will craft unique ideas for an engaging and heightened marketing growth


Snapchat is indeed a powerhouse of content for the Gen Z. With Snapchat having a portfolio for great advertising reach and content, it sure can be helpful when you launch your next viral campaign. Like Facebook and Instagram, this platform can also help brands build an informal and a more engaging community.


Marketing on your LinkedIn page is an essential ingredient for professional networking. With our strategic digital campaigns on LinkedIn, our skilled marketers ensure to nourish the page with active postings, insightful content and thought-provoking blogs for the professional target market.

So, Why Pick Us?

Creation of social media calendars

We pride ourselves for the excellent content we produce that establishes a strong rapport with your audience. Through our innovative content, we will encourage healthy interactions with your followers and develop social strategies that will increase your followership. From engaging posts to fun giveaways, we are here to deliver unbelievable monthly content calendars.

Social listening at its peak

Agencies often forget marketing is often setting a great conversation with your audience. Any good conversationalist will preach the importance of listening as it is as crucial as sharing your opinions or insights. Hence, our exceptional team of social media professionals looks for key details that will nurture your audience’s experience in these social platforms and build loyalty towards your brand.

Customizable reporting

A monthly report is something any average agency would offer. At Jasper Micron, we take it up by a notch by customizing our reporting style according to your needs or objectives. Apart from handing over an in-depth social performance report, we will share insights on specific details or tricks that worked best for your brand. In all, we aim to gather all the important information for the business’s progress and growth.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing can give your social media strategy a well-rounded approach. From conducting digital research to scouting influencers that you ought to follow, we aim to interact with those social butterflies for a better reach and improved brand awareness. All in all, by engaging with influencers, we widen your target market and welcome new followers.